Saturday, July 12, 2008

Meg's Wedding and the Zoo

I went to Texas the last weekend in June to be at my friend, Meg's wedding to Craig McClain. It was beautiful and so awesome to be there and also great to see all the college girls again. We love our "cowgirl reunions" (we lived on a cowfarm our senior year :) The most interesting part is that I went all by myself, no husband and no kids. Brian stayed home with them and it made it so much easier to be there (and to fly) without two kids in tow. Thanks so much, honey. I really really appreciated the break!!

I flew in Friday and met up with everyone at a luncheon. That evening was the Rehearsal. I read Scripture in it so I had a part to practice too. :) IKacie, Kim and Alex, and Kitty(Meg's sister), Jason and Jacob at the Rehearsal Dinner. Wedding Day! A stop at Starbucks after setting up a few things at the reception site. Meg got a free coffee since she was getting married!
And because everyone needs a crazy story for their wedding day... we got a flat tire!!!! Fortunately, this nice man came and changed it for us just as we were getting ready to do it ourselves.
Lunch at Craig's Mom's house with the Bridesmaids and friends... we got ready there and the church was just a few minutes away.

Finishing touches at the church.

Reading her card from Craig--I think it was addressed "To the hot chick in the white dress" He gave a her a beautiful bracelet too.

Ready to go!

Kim, Jenny, Kacie and Me after the wedding.

Craigers and Meggers dancing at the reception.

Me and Kim

Hard to see...but she wore cowboy boots at the reception. She's definitely become a Texan! :) Kacie, Jenny and Me... we stayed at the Super 8 together... interesting memories there! :)

Kim and Alex enjoying the wedding cake. :) Posing with The Tejas Brothers Congratulations Meg and Craig! We're so happy for you!! And it was so fun to see you girls too!

While I was gone, Brian took the kids to the zoo. They had a military appreciation day so it was free admission and free lunch and entertainment. They had a great time!
Ready to go!
Checking out the turtles... watch the video. Brian said I had to post it :)

Posing with the Fire Truck
"Ja-raff-ees" as she calls them.

And she just now told me the rhino was a "dinosaur" :)
Lunch time
And icecream! Yum! Fun memories with Daddy! :) Thanks again babe! You're the best!


The Irelands said...

Great pics Jen! I love the fact that you included the picture of the car with a flat tire.

katherine said...

OH my goodness... those turtles are amazing. And natalie calling the rhino's dinosaurs makes me miss her so much. She's getting so beautiful too. There is a bunch of really beautiful shots of the two of you.

Kimberly Bauer said...

I loved the pictures. We had such a great time at the wedding. It was so great to see everyone. And it looks like Brian had a great time with the kids at the zoo. Love the pictures.

Diane said...

Oh, what wonderful pictures. You girls all look so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing these pics on your blog. Unfortunately the Smith's were unable to be there, but it is fun to feel like we were present by seeing your pics.

I remember once driving from Pennsylvania to Memphis (we lived in Harrisburg)'s not that bad of a trip, it only takes like a million hours!!! But, at least it is driveable. And, Ohio is probably a good meeting place. We really, really, really enjoy being a part of your life through your blog.

The Smith's look forward to meeting your family. We will be praying for your move to go smoothly.