Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Catching Up

As some of you know, in a couple weeks, we'll be leaving the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and heading to the beautiful mountains of Pennsylvania. Brian was accepted into the Active Duty Green to Gold program so he will be attending Penn State for the next two years. After that, he will be continuing on in the Army as an 2nd Lieutenant. We can't even begin to tell you all the ways that we've seen God's hand and His perfect timing in this whole process and we're really excited about this next adventure in our lives. We're sad to have our time here cut short but we know that great things are ahead... most importantly being closer (driving distance!) to you all--our family and friends!
Some of the teachers I worked with in Germany were here this week for a conference (tough place to have to go for work, huh?!) We met them for dinner downtown. Great to see them again and hear all about Bamberg.
Sandy playing Peek-a-boo with Blake
Natalie with Mary
Mary and Dickey with Blake

Back at the hotel, I also got to see Doris and Mary who were actually Kindergarten teachers with me. Who would have thought we'd all meet up in Hawaii?!

Last week, we had a Family Day down in Waikiki with Brian's Unit. We had a lot of fun and the kids loved the water. Natalie was fearless and just went right in with the "big kids"

Enjoying a chocolate cookieMmmmm!
Nice hair Blake... and you look a little worn out!
It was Carter's 2nd birthday so Natalie and I went to his party. We ran out of birthday paper so I used Christmas paper inside out and she colored on it... worked great! :)
The clown and her vase that kept refilling itself with water.
Face painting... can you tell it was a Mickey Mouse party? :)

Balloon animals
The cake...yum!
Opening Natalie's present... Blocks! We also bought these for Blake's birthday this weekend, and Michelle, these look similar to ones you guys just got. Pretty popular toy, huh? :)On the way to the party, she called him on her pretend cell phone: "Hi Carter, it's your birfday today! We're on our way to your party. I made you a pesent. Okay, see you soon!"
We had a new couple in Brian's unit over on Saturday for steaks.
Yummy popsicle! :)

We got a new stroller for Blake today so here's a video of the kids playing in it.


Linda said...

Congrats to Brian on going Green to Gold. Scott just had one of his soldiers selected too.

It's always great when you know you're going to be close to family.

Looking forward to seeing your adventures in PA!

katherine said...

Jen put the video of blakey's peek-a-boo incident!!

Vicki & Bruce said...

Looking forward to having you here in Pennsylvania! Now we need to get Chris stationed here too! With Michelle, Allie & Adam, too, of course!

brian said...

You know... Hawaii is overrated anyway.

Randy & Laura said...

That's amazing that the Bamberg teachers came for a visit -- I'll bet they loved seeing your kids. Hope packing is going ok! Love you.