Friday, October 5, 2007

Tummy Time and Playdough

Talked with Brian today. They have been so busy but they have nightfire tonight and then they only have the mystery event tomorrow so it's almost over already. I think he's extremelu exhausted and very sore but it seems like he's been having fun. He said he has no idea how he's actually been scoring but he feels like he's doing pretty well. They announce the winner on Monday. (Yeah, they make them wait the whole weekend!) But even if he doesn't win, he's one of 13 people out of the WHOLE Army to make it this far so I think he can be proud of that acheivement. Thanks again for all your comments and prayer support. We appreciate it!

He called again this morning. They're done!! They got to do a lot of fun things for the mystery events including getting out of a flipped humvee, clearing rooms, giving IVs, and hand to hand combatatives. They actually wrestle each other and "choke out." Yikes...but he says it's safe. Now it's all over and they can relax. :) We'll let you know the results on Monday!!

Here's some pictures of the kids the past couple days.

I've been holding my head up for awhile but now I'm getting tired.

Natalie is more interesting to look at than that person in the mirror.

Mixing up the playdough

She got bored waiting for it to cool so she pulled out every utensil.

Trying out the playdough with her best bud and neighbor, Carter.

I love that Adam is born now... we can gang up on the girls at Christmas together! :)


Sarah said...

Did you guys actually make playdough? That's a great picture of Blake!

Brian and Jen said...

Yeah... super easy. Guess my years as a Kindergarten teacher are coming in handy. :) So glad to have found you "online"!

Mom & Dad Y. said...

Thanks for the pictures. We enjoy seeing the kids. Blake looks very happy. Love you.

Brian and Jen said...

Love you too. So glad you get to see Bri this weekend. Have fun! :)

Randy & Laura said...

I can't wait to hear about Brian... this is so exciting! And I love all the pictures of the kiddos. :)

katherine said...

Blake is getting cuter and cuter. What adorable babies you make!