Friday, October 26, 2007

Let me teach you everything I know...

Natalie loves Blake and is always near him--usually being nice but sometimes a little too rough. She can say "Bake" and "Bee-bee" and "Bakey" which is usually used when he's crying and she says with all kinds of concern, "Oh Bakey Oh Bakey Oh Bakey" or else "Oh BeeBee Oh BeeBee." She will bring him toys or blankets or his pacifier or else she'll look at me matter-of-factly and nod and say, "Bah-bull" (bottle) since that must be why he's crying. :) (For those of you that didn't know... I wasn't able to nurse again this time. They're calling it a "lactation disorder" with no real explanation, just no milk! I'm so grateful that there is formula so he doesn't have to starve!)

Here's Natalie showing Blake what she thinks he needs to know to survive. Enjoy.

This is how you play on the floor with toys. Shake shake shake!

This is how you undo your car seat buckle so you can escape.

This is how you hide in a really small place (the bottom of Daddy's closet) and scream "Mommy Mommy Mommy" at the top of your lungs until she searches the house and finds you.

This is how you drink out of a sippy cup. (No, nothing came out) This is how you count...One...two...
Let me check inside your ears. All clean!
And your mouth...say ahhh!

This is how you wash the dishes. Try not to get too much water on the floor. Mommy doesn't really like that. This is how you clap your hands when you sing She was actually singing to him--"If you're happy and know it..."

Couple more of the kids.

He sleeps like this all the time-I think he's going to be rolling over soon!

Natalie and her pals Carter and Quinn. Carter is moving this weekend-we're sad but at least they'll be on the island so we can still play together.

Hope you enjoyed Natalie's lessons. She's very determined about the way certain things should be done and doesn't mind telling you about it... maybe she has some teacher in her?? :)


katherine said...

AAAA-Dorable. I can't even handle it. I can not wait until christmas. Blake is so cute jen. Seriously. You two make beautiful babies. Keep em coming. And don't let them grow anymore. I want them to be little forever

Vicki & Bruce said...

Love seeing your adorable family! Such cuties! Natalie & Allie are going to have a lot of fun together! She's very determined, too!

Rachel said...

It's so nice to see Natalie, she is truly a special girl. And your son is very cute. I enjoyed watching the pics and reading some of Natalie's quotes; Theses kids are amazing when they start learning how to talk! :)