Sunday, October 7, 2007

And the Winner Is...

...not Brian. :( He just called and said that it was SSG Seifert and SPC Seeker who won the competition. He couldn't talk long but sounded really upbeat. I'm so proud that he made it through the whole thing... it's a great accomplishment. Thanks for going through this with us. We love you all. :)
I got to talk to him again and he's happy--they had a neat ceremony this morning with all the top Army leadership (Chief of Staff, Secy of the Army, etc etc...). He still won quite a few prizes and awards just for competing. They stood in a line and all the big-whigs walked down and gave out their coins. He got 24! Which if you know Brian, you know is a big deal! :) He's proud of how well he did and feels like the people who won deserved to win. And now he can relax and let the pressure that's been over us for the last 2 years slowly melt away. As exciting as it's been, it's nice that it's finally over. He does a great job of balancing everything but I know it's been hard for him to be pulled in so many directions. Hopefully he can rest a little... before the next big challenge comes along! :)

Here's some pics off the website in case you didn't get a chance to see them.

Final check before the Board Appearance
SSG Sims--Bri's sponsor who also went with him to the USARPAC competition

Getting ready to take the PT test (two mile run, and timed sit-ups and push-ups) Bri is right in the middle of the front row.

Reflexive fire--you jump up from behind barricades and shoot at targets

The M4 Range

Night fire

Urban orienteering--they had a time limit to plot and find specific points. Bri's really good at this... we never get lost. :)

They try to make it as realistic as possible as to how it would be in Iraq. This guy gave Brian the coordinates for his next point.

Putting together a broken down weapon

Hand to hand combatitives

I know that he did a lot more than these pics capture but it gives you an idea. I'm so proud of him. It's huge to have been able to participate in this! Way to go, babe! :)


Randy & Laura said...

Oh stinker! But like you said it is a huge honor to be able to compete at this level. Tell Brian congratulations, I'm really proud of him! I love seeing the pictures of him in action. :)

Randy & Laura said...

Also, I put up our first post on here :) It's not that interesting but it has a picture of our house. I am in Week #37, woohoo! Have a wonderful day, my friend.

Becky Holliday said...

Awww. I know Brian did his best and like you say, now he can relax a little! :) Guess what...Olpe won band of the week! We got, like, 75% of the votes. Thanks for helping!

Sarah said...

We are so proud of Brian!

katherine said...

Tell Bri Bri that his favorite sister-in-law is way proud of him!!!

Vicki & Bruce said...

You're our favorite Army guy, Brian, and a real winner! The Army just hasn't known you long enough!