Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our Happy Boy

Sorry it's been awhile since I posted anything...especially after writing so much during the competition. We've been busy but it's so good to have Brian home. He made it home then was sick all last weekend. He's better now though and has a 4-day weekend so we're really enjoying some family time together. Lots of football and baseball games, grilling and homemade pizza, sleeping in and lots of playing. We're so glad Daddy's home! :)

Here's some pictures of Blake. He's finding his voice and giggles/squeals all the time. So fun.

I had a baby shower for my friend, Jess, yesterday. Brian was going to take the kids out but ended up watching them plus Jess's 15 month old, Carter, in the back room. When we went to "release them" this is what we found: Amazing what 2 kids can do, huh? (the other two boys were at the shower.) He had it all cleaned up before we could get back there to help! Everyone was in awe...what a guy I have! :)

Natalie thought it was pretty cool that all the chairs were away from the table (for the shower) so she parked herself under it for awhile.
Go Penn State!


Vicki & Bruce said...

Brian is a great guy! And we're glad he married you! And now you have 2 adorable children that we look forward to getting to know! Adam looks a little like Blake!

katherine said...

Oh jen he is so adorable. I miss those rascals.

Jason & Erin said...

He is a cutie!! Love the picture of Brian in the room with the mess! Real life! :) Glad to hear you all are having fun with Brian back home. It is hard having them gone so much in the military, but it sure makes family time special when they do get to be home!

Brian and Jen said...

It sure does make you appreciate your husband more when he has to be gone a lot! He should be home for awhile so we're looking forward to that. :) Can't wait to see everyone at Christmas!

Sarah said...

Very cute pics!