Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas in PA

After NJ, we drove to Brian's parent's house in PA to spend a few days. Brian's brother Chris and family were there too. We had a great time as always! Painting Cousins

Chris injecting the chicken with seasoning...
... to cook in the deep fat fryer for dinner!!

Michelle and Bethany carving it up... it was really good!

We did an gift exchange among the kids plus some extras from Grandma and Poppa. There were a lot of presents... I guess we do have 5 kids between us now.

Special mug for these grandparents too. :)

Grandpa, Brian and Chris went squirrel hunting.

Allie and Natalie watching him gut and clean them... they absolutely love this!

Dinner time

Look at all that chub! Believe it or not, he's still smaller than Natalie or Blake were at this age! He is eating a lot more now, pulling up on everything and jabbering away. Hard to believe he'll be ONE next month!

Cowboy Adam

Playing Memory with Grandma and Bethany
Chris and Michelle (and the kids) got a new little puppy for Christmas. Lily was so cute... but all we hear now is "When can WE get a puppy?" :)

The send-off meal before we headed back home. Breakfast is always bountiful but this was a feast--sausage, bacon AND ham, hash browns, fried eggs, toast and cinnamon rolls!
We had a great time... thanks for everything! We love our families! :)

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