Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas in NJ

We spent Christmas with my family in New Jersey.
(This is actually our Christmas Eve dinner picture but I can't move it to where it goes but I thought it was cool looking so I'm still posting it.) Another shot of one of our many meals together. All the girls, including Natalie went out to lunch together. I think this might have to become a tradition. It was so fun--Thanks Mom!

Grandpa and Blake
Holiday Baking:

Brian made Buckeye Balls himself from start to finish...
...and each done with absolute perfection. I could never make them look that perfect. Love you babe. :)
My brother David came in a few days before Christmas. Hadn't seen him in over a year!
Katherine's new kitten was like a newborn... would sleep anywhere and in any position! So cute!
My parent's neighborhood puts up luminaries every Christmas Eve. It's so pretty. You have to put sand and a candle in each bag and then line the sidewalks.

Run Run Run!

My cute Momma :)

I feel like Evan's been in none of the pictures... he was there, promise! :)

Christmas Eve dinner... we lit tons of candles all over the house and turned out all the lights. It was really special.
(insert that first picture here... :)
We went on a walk to see all the lights... brrrr!

When we got back, the kids opened their Christmas Jammies (we're starting this tradition...although first year in and they weren't Christmas-y! Just new. :)
More Christmas pics coming soon...

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Michelle said...

Great pictures! Looks like you guys had so much fun! :) Great family memories!