Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quote Time

The best from the past few weeks:

  • Natalie: "I burped... and it tastes like dinner!"
  • Blake: "When I become a Daddy, I'll have a big wallet!"
  • When I was taking my prenatal vitamin, Natalie said: "Mom, you don't get to chew that?! You'll choke if you swallow it whole!" (I agree, why do they have to be so big??)
  • When Evan tried to kiss me on the lips, Natalie: "Did he think he was your husband and you were his wife?"
  • Natalie calls a whoopie cushion: "wooshie cooshie"
  • Blake calls an ambulance: "alience"
  • After church the kids were telling us about their lesson-Joseph forgiving his brothers. I asked, "Joseph might not have felt like forgiving them...what might he have wanted to do to them?" Natalie responded with "punch them in the face."
  • Natalie: "Why didn't God give us wings like birds? I wish he did."
  • Blake, seeing a man in a cowboy hat using an electric cart, "His horse is at home."
  • Natalie, after a conversation about how God watches out for all the people in the world, "Does He have big eyes?"
  • Natalie: "Blake, what are your kid's names going to be when you grow up?" Blake: "My kids will all be Woody and I'll be Buzz!"
  • After talking about bad dreams and the "God is Bigger than the Boogie Man" song from Veggie Tales at bedtime, Natalie told me the next morning, "I had a bad dream and so I prayed and smiled and got back to my sleeping. When you smile, it makes it go away."
  • Evan is learning more words-- quack quack (duck), ha (hot), tuh (stuck) and finally doing some signs now. Looking forward to adding his funny quotes in the years to come!

And an update... I have to wait longer than I thought for my ultrasound so it won't be until October... we'll keep you updated on whether there will be a new little girl or boy in our family! :)


Laura said...

I love the quotes, it's my favorite part of the blog :)

I'll share one from Mandy from yesterday: she called a port-a-potty "a fridge with a toilet in it."

Rebecca Moore Photography said...

I love the quotes! I was laughing out loud. Good job for documenting that - I say once a week that I should write down some of the funny stuff that Harrison says and then I never do. You are inspiring me - I started a Mommy journal. :) Hope all is well with you!