Friday, September 17, 2010

Picnic and Playtime

We went back to the ducks one day to walk around the lake and have a picnic. These ducks are so aggresive... I think Evan got nipped a few times. Standing on higher ground for safety!
After walking really far over all sorts of terrain with our dinky umbrella stroller while lugging our picnic bag and blanket, we discovered there's an entrance on the other side of the lake... right by playgrounds and picnic tables. Oh well, it was all part of the adventure.
Do you think they enjoyed their lunch? :)

Evan discovered how to climb up these stairs and go down this slide. He did it over and over again. I'm pretty relaxed, especially since he's our third kid but these steps still made me nervous!
Beautiful day with a beautiful view and my beautiful kids.

We had walked all the way around the right side to about the middle of this picture. Now we know... :)
We were invited to a friend's birthday party.
After cake and ice cream, the kids all played outside with all sorts of water things. Lots of fun.
Natalie will always find the animals.

Our Jeep was in the shop again all week so we've had to be creative at home. (Update-they thought they figured it out, ordered the part but it didn't fix the problem so it's still there. Thankfully, they finally gave me a rental minivan so we can get out of the house, especially with Brian being gone so much.)
Our fort under the table. That's our phone number up top. :)
We had lunch in our fort (and it was a "jammie day")

Natalie lined up an animal in each of our car seats and fed them too.
Brian's schedule is pretty crazy... gone in the field a week, home 2 days, gone 10 days, home 3 days, etc. We have no communication with him when he's gone but they usually they give them a couple days totally off so we do get some quality time together. One morning when he was making breakfast, the boys laid on the floor near him-guess they just wanted to be by their Daddy. And yep, he makes breakfast whenever he's home-I'm blessed. :)
World's Coolest Kid Experiment:
I learned this at MOPS this week and did it with the kids when we got home. It's so cool! Pour some milk in plate. Add a few drops of different colors of food coloring. (Not too much or it's not as pretty.)

Give the kids a "magic" toothpick. (Dip the end in regular dish soap.) Have them stick the toothpick in the colors and watch what happens!

Let them have fun!
Eventually they mix it all up into a brown mess but that's part of the fun. It's such an easy and neat thing to do... we did it 3 times! :)


Our European adventure... said...

Thanks for the kids experiment idea! I really miss MOPS. It was so much fun, by the time I am close to one again, the kids will be too old! :(

Laura said...

Hi Jen -- just looked at all the new pictures, thanks for sharing! We'll be trying the little experiment soon. I'll be praying that your car situation gets fixed a.s.a.p.

Anonymous said...

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