Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grandma and Katherine's Visit

My mom and sister drove down to visit us for awhile. We had a wonderful visit packed with lots of fun activities. Making chalk drawings in the driveway for them.
Brian had been gone in the field and so he got a few days off...which was great that they happened to be this week so he could hang out with us.
We went to the KY State Fair. Lots of fun!
We saw a dog show--they were amazing!
Lunch time-gotta love fair food.
Evan was so tired... he fell asleep eating. (Thanks to my new friend Connie for letting us borrow her stroller.)

Natalie is super into cotton candy-had her first taste a few weeks ago and we told her it would be at the fair and I think that's the only thing she cared about. My mom gave the kids some quarters to spend and that was all she wanted!
We saw lots of animals... I thought this was cute, if pigs can be cute.
The girls.
Listening to a band
Our cute family. :)
My mom with this amazing balloon display (that's part of the octupus)
The next day, we went to the Patton Museum on post-dedicated to the history of Armor (tanks and armored vehicles, etc)

Brian taught us a lot about the tanks.
There little simulators so you could sort of see what it's like inside a tank-the kids LOVED it!!

See the teeny windows (and the cute wipers)-that's all they use to see out!
We went to our friend's house for dinner. Our families were great friends in Germany when I was kid and I used to babysit for them when they were 2 or 3 years old! All grown up now!
Evan loved Kelsey...looks like we found a babysitter!
Kentucky has proven to be a real crossroads for us and our family and friends. So many people have stopped by to see us. Stan and Gayla live about 5 minutes away and my teacher friend Debbie, cousin Mark, and Chad and Jenny (college friends) have all stopped in to visit. Brian's aunt and uncle live about an hour away so we'll see them over Labor Day. Who knew we'd have so many friends here! :)
Gayla and my mom... best of friends. :)
They invited us to use their backyard pool so we took them up on it the next day.

Such a fun day... and yummy picnic lunch.

We went out for German food their last night. Auntie Katherine with Natalie... and Blake.
Everyone enjoyed the schnitzel!
Thanks for coming Mom and Kath!! :)
Coming soon: quote time... and in few more weeks, the sex of our baby! :)

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Laura said...

Fun pictures, as usual! Isn't it amazing how God had all that in mind and wanted you to be there with Brian after glad he is blessing you with visits from friends & family!