Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blake's 3rd Birthday!

Blake turned 3 last week and we celebrated a day early so Daddy could be with us. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast to start the day... balloons everywhere... and pizza for dinner.

My dad always made awesome birthday cakes for us when were growing up... mine are no where near the level of his but it's something I enjoy doing that I hope the kids will remember. He asked for a Mater cake... however, the thought of actually carving up cake into that shape and decorating it was a little too much to take on, especially after being here just a week and not having any of my "cake making supplies." So this is what we ended up with:
He still loved it though! :)

Blowing out the candles... or rather spitting out!

He actually didn't have a single Mater car, even though we have about 4 Lightnings so he was actually glad that it was plastic and not cake. (Funny thing: both N&B call him "Lightning THE Queen" instead of "McQueen." :)

Time for Presents!!Puzzle and Cars books Lincoln Logs from my parents. Brian's parents sent money which Blake loved holding in his hot little hand at the store as he picked out his prizes. Thanks!! And a train set from Mommy and Daddy. (Thanks Just Kids Resale! :) They have played with these new toys non-stop which has made the adjustment to the new house easier.
Natalie made this card for Blake. She cut out all the individual pieces and then glued them on another piece of paper.

We love you Blakey-B and we're so glad you're in our family! Tune in for more birthday celebrations soon--Brian turns 29 tomorrow... one more year before joining in me in the wonderful world of 30's! :)


Katherine said...

gosh he is big. I can not believe blake is three. The cake looks great!!

katherine said...

i miss you guys. put up more pictures!