Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brian's Birthday and More!

It was Brian's birthday this past weekend. We went out to dinner as a family (all-you-can-eat ribs!) on Friday night. There's a couple of guys from Penn State that Brian did ROTC with who just got here to start their training so we had them over on Saturday. Opening some presents.
We played corn hole and had yummy homemade pizza for dinner. The kids LOVED Vinnie and Adam and have adopted them as "uncles" while we're here-and actually, Adam will be moving to Colorado Springs so we'll get to hang out with him there too.
I decided to get a little more creative with Brian's cake-especially since we were having Armor guys over as well. The kids and I made him a tank cake!
Not completely accurate but still fun. :)
Happy Birthday to you!!
My camera died so I got few pictures...but we had a great time!

Debbie, a kindergarten teacher I taught with in Germany was driving through KY and stopped to see us. It was great to catch up with her-such a small world!!

Making EggMcMuffins for Daddy to keep in his freezer so he can have a little better breakfast than a poptart! :)
Feeding the ducks at nearby lake, much more aggresive than the Bellefonte ducks!

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Rebecca Moore Photography said...

I love the tank cake that you made. You are so creative! Glad to see that things are going well for you all (or should I say ya'll) in Kentucky. :)