Monday, December 21, 2009

Natalie's 4th Birthday!

December 12 is Natalie's birthday. Hard to believe she's 4 already! Pizza for dinner (her request)-as well as eggs and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, macaroni and cheese and hot dogs for lunch. We let her choose all day. And the kids stayed in PJs all day (it was Saturday :)
She and Blake made their "party hats" Brian put the bag on her head so she wouldn't see her cake.
A snowman cake!!
The frosting was melting all over so I took a picture in the fridge earlier in case there were no decorations come birthday time. Lesson learned: use a thicker frosting!
No cake for you though.
4 dollars from Grandma and Grandpa Gration and a card from Grandma D. Thanks!!

A ring pop and some tic tacs.
Blake helping open this big one...
... it's a cradle for all those babies she has!
Brian bought a portable DVD player for the car for long trips. Can't wait to use for our Christmas trip!
And her new Dress-up Suitcase!
(If you have kids that love to dress up, this was so easy: I went to the 29 cent rack at the Goodwill and found lots of clothes, plus some hot pink high heels, a hat and scarf, and added one of my old purses. I also found a great suitcase to keep it all contained. It's provided hours of fun!)

We love you Miss Four Year Old! :)


This is the Blog of Our Lives..... said...

Love the idea of dress up clothes! We have been collecting for awhile. Wish you guys were here in Germany. The kids would have so much fun together.

Christy said...

Looks like she had a great birthday and I love her fashion sense! LOL

katherine said...

No cake for you evan