Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friends and Grandma's visit

She already loves to talk on the phone. :) We had new friends from church over for dinner... the kids put on a talent show for the adults. Very cute. :)

Fun Unleashed-- Cindy and I took the kids one day. It has slides and tubes and balls and things to play on as well as games. They had a great time!

Trying out the jumper. He loves it but we don't really have anywhere to leave it up permanently. He likes crawling around too much now anyway! :)

Playing "jump over Daddy" :)

My mom sent the kids Zingo-they love it. Thanks!

Natalie is really into letters and writing them and trying to sound out words. She finally learned that there's things she can do on the computer too and wants to get on it all the time now. This was and it's a great site for kiddos learning letters/reading.

Evan loves babyfood much more than Nat or Blake did. They were ready to eat by themselves quickly. He can pick up food and he does but I think he likes the attention of me feeding him... maybe because he's the third kid. :)

My mom came for a weekend... the kids alwasys love it when Grandma comes to visit!
At the playground.

My mom bought the kids each a toy and sunglasses at Target while she was here... Blake LOVES Toy Story got a Buzz and Woody. This was before Thanksgiving and he still carries them everywhere and even has them sleep outside his room.

We had fun with you as always Mom. See you soon for Christmas!
I know I'm way behind.... Thanksgiving up next!

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katherine said...

So wonderful. I can't wait to see all of you!