Saturday, December 19, 2009


I know I'm WAAAAY behind on the blog... it's been a busy couple of weeks with finals and papers and projects as well as activities, parties and shopping. Brian is finally finished with this semester and today we got lots of snow again so it makes it feel especially like Christmas is less than a week away! More tree trimming and gingerbread-house-making pictures later... but for now, travel back to last month's holiday: Thanksgiving! We went to Ohio to Brian's aunt and uncle's house. We drove up with his parents and sister. Stopped at McDonald's for lunch. Blake loved Poppa feeding him ice cream! :)

Cute cousins: Natalie and Allie
Grandma D made us yummy pot pie for dinner.
Evan loved it!
Matching PJs.... guess their mommies have good taste!
Adam, Natalie, Blake and Allie
Getting the tables ready for the big meal!

Most of Brian's mom's family live in the same area so a lot of people were able to come. I think it was around 25 and more stopped by at night so it was over 30 people total! :) It was good to spend time with relatives that we don't see too often. And Natalie and Allie got their own special table.
Ev devoured the squash!
Look at all those desserts!!
Relaxing after the big meal
Linda's mom, brother and sisters, minus two others that couldn't come.
Playing Catchphrase

Cousins eating PBJs....thought their faces were funny.

Michelle and I went to Walmart to print some pictures and I just had to get a picture of the horse and buggies. It's a very Amish area and they actually have hitches outside all the stores. Pretty neat.

Watching VeggieTales. Thanks Pete and Liz for letting our kids invade your house!
We had a great time with everyone and I'm very thankful for both of our families!

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