Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sesame Street Live!

We got great tickets to see Sesame Street Live down at the Concert Hall in Honolulu on Friday. We went with Heather and Makki and our seats were in the second row! The kids loved it and it was adult friendly too. We had a blast!
Bert and Ernie
Big Bird
Elmo (Natalie's favorite), the Count, Big Bird and others singing and dancing.

Cookie Monster doing Riverdance with the "Lammies"
Oscar the Grouch-they taught him about hygiene. Natalie was trying to tell Brian all the characters we saw and she called him "Jack-in-the-Box" Pretty creative! The Count having the kids do different exercises 10 times each. Natalie participating. :) It really was a neat performance. I highly recommend you go if it comes to your town!!
While I was folding laundry, Natalie grabbed a whole stack of shirts and put them all on... we counted as we took them off... She had 8 shirts on!!
Making a road around the house with lids.
Father's Day Dinner... roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole... Brian's favorites. Can you tell he's from PA? :) We love you Daddy! Thanks for all you do!!
More fun in the house. They love this thing!

Another thing they both love is blueberries... yummy! But messy... straight to the bathtub for these two!! :)

And another Blake video... still not showing all his "skills" but you can see him walking a little bit:

Some funny things that Natalie has said lately:

Brian told her to move her butt back when he was putting her into her carseat, she replied completely aghast, "Daddy! We say bottom!"

"Carter says 'booty' but we say 'bottom' "

"Natalie, go back to sleep, it's still night-night time."
"But the sun's awake, Mommy."

"What's your whole name?"
"Nalee Yoder"
"What's Daddy's?"
"By-in Yoder"
"What's Blake's"
"Bakey Jumps!"
(I call him all sorts of things like "chunk-a-munk" and "bubba gump" and she tries to use them too. I thought this was so funny! :)

When she was stalling before going to bed one night and I guess Brian was seeming like he was frustrated with her, "Daddy, am I bugging you?"

On the couch when I was holding her one afternoon:
"I love you, Natalie"
"I don't love you, I just love Carter."
"Well, I love you. You can love us both."
"Mmm, okay... I love you AND Carter!"

And out of the blue one day: "I love you so much, Mommy! I want to give you a big hug!"


Linda said...

Have to ask...who is Carter? Hannah's got a bear named Carterbear...that's why I asked. Blueberries are big hit here too...but not quite so messy, thank goodness!

katherine said...

hahahahahahah I LOVE those quotes. You should really do those every time. I love you! Miss you guys so much.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Man, I'm gonna miss you guys! Well, at least we'll see each other at the wedding...Carter and Natalie's! We should start planning! ha ha. Love you guys!

katherine said...

sometimes when I miss you guys a lot.. I come and watch the videos. They are so cute. By far the cutest greatest kids I've ever seen. There is one here who is pretty amazing... but not as amazing as those too. I miss you guys. COME HOME TO ME!