Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New playthings, stiches and the pool!

At a yard sale on Saturday, I found this pop up castle and tunnel for 2 bucks each. They've provided many hours of fun already! As I said before, I love a deal! :)

Ready to pump some iron!
Brian was working on the truck this weekend and cut his fingers pretty badly. We ended up going in to the doctor that evening because the one seemed deep. It was good that we did because he needed 4 stiches. Pretty exciting because they were his first stiches ever! (He's one healthy guy... no broken bones, no cavities, no surgeries until his tonsils a few months ago, and no stiches til now! My record as most of you know, is not quite that good!) Don't look if you get queasy easily, but here are the famous stiches: We went to our friend Heather's apartment complex to play in her pool and have a picnic lunch. It was a lot of fun and not having to deal with sand was actually really nice!
Jess and Carter trying out the water. Don't you love Katie's suit? It actually has a tutu on it! :)
Heather and Makki. Thanks for letting us come over! Who knew dry beans could be so fun??
She swiped the pasta off the counter and was sitting there eating it watching TV. She does love pasta!

Blake can stand up without holding on to something now and is taking more and more steps at a time now. He's so proud of himself. Will post a video soon.


katherine said...

sooooo cute! Momma and I love the video of the kids in the castle thingy. Put up the one of blakey walking though. We have baited breath. :D

chelly said...

I love the pic of Blake standing by the dishwasher. SO CUTE! :)

The Stallings Family said...

Mallory and Brayden sat here and watched your video. Mallory thought it was really neat. I love to see your pictures and videos.