Monday, June 2, 2008

Couples Night, Playground and Walking!

On Friday night, we had a Pampered Chef couples show at Jess and Jason's house. It was meant to just be fun and hang out and cook together but people actually ordered products so it counts as a show. :) There were four couples and we had so much fun! Everyone was involved and the food was delicious. We spent the night at the Hillmans and stayed up talking after everyone else left until 2 in the morning...and then our kids were up at 5:30! Not much sleep but it was a wonderful night! Thanks guys, we'll have to all get together again soon! :)

Jason finishing up the chicken nachos, Jess working on a bell pepper. Rob and Nadine, and Carlos (and SueEllen in the background)
Jason using the Easy Accent Decorator on our Cappucino Trifle. Yum!

Playing the Wishlist Game for a prize. What a fun night!

Feeding all the kids before the show Carter and Natalie watching cartoons the next morning.
Natalie and Baby Katie
The guys chilling on the swing (still trying to wake up!)
Happy Kids before church on Sunday

Helping Daddy wash the truck. Blake crawled under and got soaked, but what fun is it if you don't get wet? :)
And some more pictures from the week:
Silly Natalie...there's a grape tomato in each of those cups.

Blake wakes up so happy. He waves (sticks out his hand like he's blessing you) to everyone who looks at him. He learned to sign "more" this week which is helping diminish the loud screams. :)
Natalie had her first "movie night" watching Finding Nemo with us. She thought it was great since we'd just seen all the sea creatures but she got sleepy half way through and had to finish it in the morning.
The playground:
Blake climbs all over the playground now...
... up steps and all the way up this slide!
Funny quote from Natalie while we were driving somewhere on our Maui trip: "I'm talking so much now. I'm getting SOOO big!"
And walking! He can stand on his own now and can walk pushing something or holding our hands. No official steps yet but it's going to be soon!

Check out those cheeks! :)
And the funniest picture ever...

Blake trying to be let in the house at the Hillmans.


katherine said...

ahhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I love blake. He is so cute. Look at that face! Man I love these kids. I am so excited to see you guys at some point in the summer. I Love you all. I'm glad you guys had fun. I LOVE YOU!!!

Chris & Michelle said...

great post... and what cute kids! :) sometimes i think blake and adam look kinda alike... are they related?? :) thanks for calling yesterday... hope everything works out for your move to pa. i'll be keeping you guys in our prayers! love you all!

The Hillmans said...

We agree, Friday night was a great time. Got to do it again, and soon before you go! We're going to miss you guys.

Bethany said...

What CUTE kids! We are SO related! Love the pics...keep them coming.