Sunday, March 2, 2008

The past two weeks

Our computer has been down and we all have yucky colds so I haven't been able to post anything in awhile. Here's some of what we've been up to since we got back from the Big Island. This was two weeks ago, now he can go backwards and rock back and forth on all fours. Anyday now (not that I'm actually looking forward to him being mobile and all over the house. Why does it go so fast with the second one??) We tried him in a walker... he loves it! He figured it out in one day and can get all over the house, into rooms, and can even back up and turn around when he gets stuck. Amazing! Hanging out at Ko Olina with Jess and Victoria and all our kiddos.Sand tastes great!Brian and I have been teaching Natalie's 2-3 yr old class at church. This past week was our last time. We had a blast with those sweet kids and it's incredible how much they actually learned from the Bible stories. So fun.

Trying on Daddy's leather jacket that he won at one of the competitions.
Pizza Night before Brian left for Korea. We love pizza so much, we make it almost every weekend. Yum!
Yesterday we washed the van and the truck inside and out! Natalie was a good little helper even though this turned into an all day project!

Playing playdough with neighbor girls Ciara and Shaila Grandma Gration sent money to get ice cream at our beach house cafe. Yum Yum! Fun with Black and White :)


Anonymous said...

The kids look great!!! Cannot wait to come home.


Michelle said...

Great post, Jen! :) We saw your dad on CNN tonight. :) Thanks for letting us know he was going to be on! :) Talk with you soon!


Jason & Erin said...

Great photos! Love the b&w's! We have home made pizza every Friday night! Wouldn't be Friday without it. :)

Jason & Erin said...

Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

Laura said...

Did you call me the other day? I got a really short voice mail but I think it was your voice. I will try to call you soon, my friend. :) I would call you now but it's a tad early in Hawaii. Remember when I called you in the middle of the night, I think in Turkey? I was so embarrassed... not doing that ever again! Your family is so cute & happy, I love seeing your pictures. I can't believe your little Mister figured out his walker so fast - he wants to be like his big sister. Have a wonderful day!

Diane said...

Love the pics...Ko Olina is beautiful. I think we were there when we were in Hawaii with the Wrights. When I look at your pics I just want to hug and kiss your little ones. Since they don't know me it might freak them out a bit, but they are so adorable. Thank you for sharing your life via this blog. Do you have skype? If not, I highly recommend getting it!!!

Jamie and James said...

Great pictures! You really live in a beautiful area! Marie started crawling recently - way earlier than Elise did. I think the second one has more incentive to be mobile as they want to keep up. I like the black and whites... so cute!