Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just Like Mommy

Natalie loves to be with me. Sometimes, it makes it harder to get stuff done, but most of the time it's great to have her helping me. And now that she is talking up a storm, it's becoming even more fun. She repeats whatever I say and copies whatever I'm doing, especially talking on the phone. The best is the way she talks and plays with "Bakey"- with a high pitched baby voice. She makes me laugh all the time. Here's my little helper in action. :)
She LOVES to cook with me. She knows what utensils or bowls we need and gets them out for us. I think this will come in handy one day-she can do all the cooking for us! :)

Eating our St. Patricks day pudding after dinner.Helping weed out front.

Helping me do my workout video. I love Turbo Jam! :)
Helping feed Blake... a little too much help!
She was a little too quiet this morning and I found her applying mascara in my room. I guess she knew where you were supposed to put it! Check out the clock... amazing how much trouble you can get into before 7:30 am!!
Helping with the laundry.
Making Grandma's bed....
Peek-a-boo!! :)

Brian just picked up my mom and sister at the airport a few minutes ago so we're killing time waiting for them to get here. Natalie is super excited... as are we. Love my family! :)


Anonymous said...

Jen - You absolutely have the best attitude about being a mom of anyone I know! I love seeing your kids grow and hearing about your adventures. We miss you here in Germany!


Diane said...

You are definitely going to appreciate the fruit of all this training!!! I'm sure you remember Hannah and Clara as little children, much like your own. Hannah regularly babysits for us now. Clara made pancakes for us last Saturday while WE SLEPT IN until 9:00. Time goes by so quickly.
Enjoy these precious innocent moments because before you know it you will be talking about the "S" word with your kids. Which by the way can also have it's advantages. We've learned how to clear a room around here. Say "sex" or "clean" and we have plenty of time to chat or relax!!!
Happy Easter!!

Randy & Laura said...

Cute, cute, cute! :) Tell Kath and your mom hello for me!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was so cute when I saw Natalie in your mascara... then Logan got into mine yesterday!!! It is amazing what they pick up on, because he also knows that it goes on his eyes...and on the dog's eyes!! Poor Miss Biscuits...
I always love to see all of your pictures and your commentary is always entertaining! I hope to see the kids again one day....*tear* so sad you live so far away...


Sarah said...

Oh, I love Natalie's mascara... but so early!

Vicki & Bruce said...

Great post as usual! Just wanted to let you know that we got the yummy and beautifully boxed cookies! Thank you so much for the nice note and your thoughtfulness! A more formal thank you will arrive by mail, but wanted you to know it arrived safely!