Sunday, March 16, 2008

The rest of Alex's trip

Hard to believe that Alex already left... the week FLEW by! We miss you already!! Again, there's a ton of pictures... I tried to just pick a few. We had a wonderful week!!! :)

Trying "Shave Ice" while shopping at the Swap Meet. It's like a snowcone but more liquidy and better.
We went to Paradise Cove Luau one night. It's so pretty becuase it's right on the water and you can watch the sun set. They have lots of activities to do before you eat your meal. We had a great time!
My new favorite picture of my boys. :)
Turtle tattoo...don't worry, it washes off! :)
Our cute Hawaiian family in our "Aloha Wear" :)
The Imu Ceremony-the pig roasts all day in the underground pit and then they take it out in front of you. And they sing and do the hula. It's a typical luau. :)
Yummy luau food-the roasted pig, fish, chicken, taro rolls, lomi lomi salmon, poi, salads, pineapple, coconut pudding, etc, etc!
They have a great evening show with dancers from the different islands. This is the fire dancer! And of course they have volunteers to learn the hula. Alex and I went up and did it. What a memory!
Thursday we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. It's this huge complex that features the seven different islands of Polynesia. Each island has it's own village with shows and demostrations and hands-on activities with people dressed in the traditional clothing. It's pretty cool! These are of the Canoe Pageant--each island dances and sings.

New Zealand show... they do crazy warrior dances and scream and yell. It's fun. :)
Trying out the Poi Balls... it's a lot harder than it looks!
Samoa: making fire
He climbed up this palm tree and pretended he was going to jump to another one!
Alex and Blake on our canoe rideMe and NatalieJust Alex and I went down to Waikiki for dinner on her last night here. We ate at Tiki's and then went and got some fabulous cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. It was a really fun and we had special "cousin bonding" time.

Thanks for coming, Alex! We had so much fun with you. Enjoy your last few months of college! :)


katherine said...

So cute. That new family picture is adorable. I'm printing out a copy right now!! I love you jenjen. Just three more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky Holliday said...

Hi Jen! I went to a music ed workshop a few years ago and learned a few ways to use poi balls. They're fun! I have a whole bag of them I made for my music class. I haven't gotten them out in awhile...maybe I should give them a spin! ;)