Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Alex is Here!

My cousin, Alex, is here visiting us on her Spring Break from her last year at Wheaton College. She got here Friday night and will be here just a week so we've been packing in the activities already. Here's a look at the past couple days.

The kids LOVE Alex already! (not sure how much of a "break" she's getting! :)Am I teething, OR WHAT?!
We had a picnic up at our beach Sat night.

Daddy came back home on Sunday... with many goodies, including a Penn State cheerleader outfit for Natalie. So cute.
BBQ time! Always delicious! :)
We hiked up Diamond Head on Monday. It's the mountain you see in all the Waikiki pictures. Spectacular view from the top!!
I look so terrible because I was about to throw up (literally a few minutes after this pic was taken!) I hadn't eaten enough breakfast (as in, only cookie dough) and got really lightheaded up at the top. Alex took over carrying Blake and I drank water, put my head between my knees and finally threw up. I didn't get to enjoy the view at all but I felt great on the way down. :)
The kids fell asleep on the way down and slept through most of our picnic lunch. Yum yum!
We were all hot and sweaty so we went to Ko Olina to cool off. Check out my cute boys in their boardshorts! :)
Natalie getting buried... aren't Daddys fun to have at the beach?
Blake LOVES the beach!
Today, we headed out to the North Shore. We stopped and took pictures along the way and ended up driving down the entire east side of the island. It's so lush and pretty over there. This is Turtle Bay resort where we stopped to get a drink. Didn't see any turtles but had fun anyway.
Alex and Natalie

Some more beautiful pics from our drive...

Don't you all want to come visit now?! :)


katherine said...

Oh jenjen. I'm so excited to see you all. The babies look so cute and i'm excited to spend time with you and Brian. Oh and I'm VERY excited for beach. The weather here is alwasy wet/snowy/icey/grey/ and depressing. I fall once a week on the ice at least! I love you guys!! Only like a week until I'm there!!!

Vicki & Bruce said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous scenes and adorable, adorable pictures of your family! Thanks for the armchair minivacations to a place I'll probably never actually visit!

Jason & Erin said...

I so want to come visit you!! We went to Hawaii before the kids were born, but I want to go back. Ready for all 5 of us??? :) We hiked up Diamond Head when we were there and I think that the view from the top is one of the best I have ever seen, pictures don't even do it justice. So when can we come?? lol

Diane said...

How long do you anticipate being in Hawaii? Boy would the Smith's love to come visit. We'd have to take out a small loan for airfare, but boy would it be worth it!!!

Diane said...

Hannah just looked at your picture...she said she remembers you being VERY PRETTY. And, she said you still are very pretty. You do look fabulous!!! And your kids are adorable!!!

Christy said...

So beautiful Jen!!! Chad and I are talking about our next duty station, he REALLY wants Alaska, but then I go and look at THESE pictures and well Hawaii's pretty tempting! :)