Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Natalie's 5th Birthday!

Can't believe our little girl is now FIVE! Her birthday was on Sunday and we did special things all day. We always let the kids pick the meals for the day and use a special "Celebrate" plate. She chose cinnamon rolls and eggs for breakfast. After church, we went to McDonald's for lunch. We decided to do cake and presents after that so she didn't have to wait all day.
She really wanted a Pillow Pet for her birthday this year. Here's my attempt at a Pillow Pet unicorn cake. She loved it even though it wasn't perfect. :) She was SOOO excited that we actually got her one.
Blake was an eager helper.
Love this look! Beauty and the Beast movie.
Natalie: "Everyone make a silly face!"
She got some Hello Kitty stationery and when we were all done she sat at the table to use it. The first thing she wrote was:
and brought it over to me. I am so proud that God is growing her heart to be so thankful. It's such a blessing to watch her grow.
She received cards from both sets of Grandparents with 5 dollar bills each and also 10 dimes from her great-grandmother. (Thank you!) We usually go to the dollar store and let them pick what they want with their dollars. For her birthday, she also got a kids devotional and when I was reading it with her that night, we talked about how it makes God happy when we share what we have with other people. Lately, Blake and Natalie have been putting coins in the Salvation Army buckets whenever we see them and so she said, "Mom, I have a lot of dollars, what if I put some of my dollars in the red bucket next time for the people who don't have very much?"
Makes this Mom's heart so happy.
She chose pizza for dinner and Mr. Adam came over for dinner (and Sunday Night Football) and even brought Natalie a present. I think he's part of the family now--he's happened to be with us for Blake's, Brian's and now Nat's birthdays! I had lots of kitchen helpers--look at all that pepperoni... and yes, we did take a lot of it off before baking! :)
Happy Birthday Natalie, we're so glad you're in our family!
Happy Birthday

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katherine said...

I am such a terrible auntie. But I'm so excited to spend christmas with you guys. love love love you