Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our New House!!

Not sure why this first picture is so small but this is our new house!! I don't want to post our new address on here but if you need/want it, just email me! :) We "camped" for several days before our household goods arrived.
Many meals "on the floor"--it's much better now!
We have a fenced backyard, which the kids love and I love because they can go out and I don't have to watch them every second. It's great.
Our friend Adam is here now--he went to Penn State with Brian and was in Armor School right behind him. (He was over a few times in KY.) The kids totally love him and he's great about wrestling and playing with them.

They are definitely fans of "Mr. Adam"!
Brian had the master checklist to make sure everything arrived. So far we aren't missing anything except for some parts to put a few pieces of furniture back together.

Woah, what a mess!
Ahh, much better--straightened up enough to have a yummy pancake breakfast. (Although that was several days ago and things are looking even better now. :) Our Christmas Tree:
Unfortunately, decorating for Christmas is the last thing on our minds but decided we did need a tree. We got a real one this year (believe it or not, the first real one since before we were married!)
Brian put the lights on over the weekend and the kids and I put on the ornaments together the next day. Quite the experience, they were so excited. As I'm sure everyone with little kids knows, breakable on the top half, unbreakable on the bottom. :)
We pulled out our kid nativities... kids are loving them.
.... and of course the Veggie Tales one. :)

It's been so warm here-- 62 degrees today and so it doesn't feel like Christmas yet. I'm wishing we could have some of the midwest/east coast snow... but for now we get beautiful sunsets! :)
We are so blessed to be in our new house... Come visit if you can!!

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