Friday, January 14, 2011

Catching up on Christmas

My parents, my brother Dave and sister Katherine came for 10 days over Christmas. We had such a wonderful time together. It's so fun to have a house of our own to host everyone! Between two cameras, I literally had hundreds of pictures to choose from so I tried to just pick a few but it still ended up a lot. Enjoy! :) Christmas Eve dinner: spaghetti and homemade meatballs
We continued our tradition of new PJs on Christmas Eve. Stripes this year.
"Daddy is reading Away in the Manger story to us. We know that Christmas is Jesus' birthday." (Natalie dictated that.)
Christmas morning.... lots of presents!!
Natalie with Candy Land and her light-up toothbrush.
Look at all that yummy food for our Christmas meal.
"Katherine and Natalie and Blake and Evan are smiling for the camera." (Natalie's narration)
My whole family helped with the meals and cooking. Thank you!
Lots and lots of football in the basement.
Auntie Katherine made this Gingerbread House with the kids. Thanks for all your help sista!
We went to the Garden of the Gods one day.
LOVE this one.
Can't believe there's about to be one more kid in our family...
Mom, Dad and Dave

We had such a great time exploring the rock formations.
It's not Christmas with my family without a project. My dad fixed lots of things around the house for us but the big thing was our laundry room. It's a really long room with a lot of wasted space so Brian, Dave and my dad sanded, stained and installed beautiful new cabinets. He also put in new outlets and additional lighting. It looks great!
I should have a taken another picture with all the tools put away but you get the idea. The storage is great and it's awesome for sorting and folding all our clothes. I love it! Thanks so much!
My aunt and uncle and cousins were in CO skiing so they came over to spend New Year's with us. So fun to get to see you guys! We had 15 people in the house for 3 days= lots of fun!
Dave and George working on Pulled Pork BBQ.
Maggie helping get our New Year's Eve snacks ready.
We played games and had a great time together even though it was a short visit.
My dad gave the boys much needed haircuts.
Look at that face.
Uncle George and Aunt Judy and my parents.
And all the cousins... plus our kids!
Thanks so much for coming to visit us! It was such a wonderful time with great memories!

Everyone're invited to visit too! :)


Anonymous said...

Great job Jen. You do a great job with all the pics. Love Brian

Our European adventure... said...

That is awesome to have so many people over for the holidays. I have dreamed about have people over......just don't get many visitors. I wish my family would visit us for Christmas. My brothers work too much to take off and my Mom wouldn't dare leave for Christmas because then they won't have a place to go. :(