Monday, November 8, 2010

Trick or Treat and more...

Say hello to the cutest butterfly, scariest shark and silliest monkey you've ever seen! :)
We went over to the neighborhood where we bought our house to check it out. There were a ton of families around and we got to see the elementary school where the kids will go so that was neat too. Can't wait to move in!

"Trick or treat!"
Evan was in the stroller for most of the time (it was chilly!) but still held out his bucket at each house. He was definitely old enough to realize what was going on!

We found a park to play at one day.
With tons of leaves to pile up and jump in... fall fun!

We're staying in a little hotel apartment: 2 bedrooms and a little living area and tiny kitchen but it beats a regular hotel room and it's great to have a fridge and stove. Just a few more weeks until we can close on our house! Can't wait!!
Turning into a little boy more and more each day....
Trying on Daddy's heavy vest.
Getting ready for lunch... tomato soup and grilled cheese. And yes, there's only 3 chairs here so Brian and I eat on the couch. :)
Hungry Hungry Hippos... they love it but boy, is it a LOUD game! Evan has been walking around squealing and screeching just to try to make as much noise.
I heard we're supposed to get snow this week so maybe the next post will have snow pictures!!

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Can't wait to see pictures of your new house too! So exciting!