Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Move to Colorado

Talk about whirlwind packing and cleaning... we found out Brian's class was cancelled on a Wednesday and were on the road Friday! It was a quick turn of events but we were excited to get out to Colorado. We rented a little U-haul to take all of our stuff.

This one would have loved to be out there too. Just their size... On the road! We took it slowly and stayed in 3 hotels along the way. A little mini-vacation.
Checking out the hotel pool.
I know this is terrible but I had to put this picture on... Brian had an awful reaction to the chlorine in one of the pools and could barely open his eyes. Fortunately visine helped.

Kansas is very flat...
A stop at Cracker Barrel one day. I think I see mountains!!
Are we there yet???
It was a fun trip out and we are loving Colorado Springs already. More to come soon but the big news is we bought a house and hope to close by the end of the month. Thanks for your prayers for our family... we appreciate you all.


Linda said...

Everything west of Salina, KS is flat...but I loved Ft. Riley and living in the Flint Hills!

your sister said...

i wish you could have got a picture of Evan eating that Red Vine... Also... put HALLOWEEN PICTURES UP

Paul Martin said...

Brian and Jenn,

So great to see these pics of you and your wonderful family! I've heard bits and pieces from Tina now and then about where you have been and family things, but really glad to have this contact. We had a great HH mini-reunion near Co. Springs in early Sept. when Matt and Tina were here; I got to fly to Texas and drive up with Brian and Kellye Smith and their 2 girls. Really thankful for my time in Germany and the ongoing friendships!