Monday, November 15, 2010

Quote Time and Tour

I have another paper with more but I can't seem to find it right now but here's a few quotes:
  • The kids got stickers at checkout in Target one day and Blake put his over one eye, "Look Mom, I'm a pirate!"
  • Natalie: "I wish I could just get a ladder and go get a star to light my room at night. Then I'd get a cloud to lay on for a pillow."
  • Our landlord's name in KY was "Junior" and Blake told Natalie, "Mommy's talking to 'Asparagus'" (from Veggie Tales)
  • At church the kids filled out papers about themselves. One question was "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Blake said: "Just like Daddy" Natalie said: "a grocery checker-outer" Later after passing a gas station she told me, "no mom, I want to be a gas pumper"
  • One night Blake didn't want to go to sleep so we told him to just lay there and talk to his stuffed animals. "But they don't talk back!"
  • In the car Natalie said there were "dots in her foot" so I was explaining that maybe it had fallen asleep. She replied with "Was it snoring?" And then later she said, "It's okay now Mom, it woke up."
Here's a tour of our little extended stay hotel apartment: Coming in the front door- living room and kitchen to the right, kid's bedroom straight through that door.
To the left, hallway to the bathroom and our (and Evan's) bedroom.
Brian was playing "horsey" with all 3 before bed one night. :)

Living room- they were looking at a Toys R Us flyer-- a lot of "I want, I want" Now I know why I don't usually show them things like that! :)
Snack time at the table.
Twin beds in Natalie and Blake's room.
Our room- Evan sleeps in his pack and play in our closet. :)
Kitchen- I had thrown away these papers the kids made at church and Natalie took them out of the trash. She wasn't happy I'd tossed them!
Better view- opposite side has fridge and stove. Can't wait to cook in my kitchen with all my things again-it's been since July! I definitely am a pampered chef. :)
The living room area... sorry these weren't the best shots but thought it might help you all picture where we are living. Two weeks until we close on the house! Yay!!


katherine said...

Hahahahah Natalie holding up those pictures in different rooms killed me. She's so cool. And Evan is becoming a such a big kid! When did that happen!?!? So excited to spend christmas with you sister. LOVE YOU

your loving sister said...

Also... what is natalie wearing? Is it 1992 over there in Colorado? Have I taught you nothing on the importance of children dressing fashionably?