Friday, June 19, 2009

Tubing, Ducks and Family

We went tubing with Brian's family's church last weekend. We actually went tubing on this creek before we were married so it was fun to go back again. Natalie and Blake sat in their homemade tube (and we were tied together too). I didn't get too many pictures since I had to put my camera down to go in the water but it was a fun day floating in the water.

Grandma and Blake
Cookout afterwards
Brian, Bethany, Bill and some others went again and the rest of us got lunch ready.

Evan has started laughing and squealing lately. So cute.
He's also discovered his hands and loves holding on to things.Feeding the ducks at our park with Melinda and Nicola and the kids.

Evan's usual spot whenever we go anywhere.
We found duck eggs!
Picnic lunch
We had a MOPS playdate at a park this week too... it started pouring rain so we cut it short and went to Wendys. :)
We went out for ice cream with our Life Group one night. The three-year-olds: Natalie, Alayna and Maggie.
Maggie was full of hugs. :)
After we got home, we tried to get a family picture since we don't have a good one of all five of us... still haven't really gotten a good one yet!Then we just started taking a million pictures... :)

We're going camping this weekend with some friends. Hoping that it doesn't rain all weekend!

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