Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bellefonte Children's Festival

Thanks for everyone who's asked about my back. I'm doing MUCH better and I'm going to the Physical Therapist today so hopefully we'll be able to figure out some things so it doesn't happen again.
Evan is 4 months already. He's 15 lb, 14 oz! I had to check the baby books when we got home to see if he won the prize for our chubbiest 4 month old baby. Almost... Blake was 17-11 and Natalie was 15,2 oz. We just have chunky babies. :)

Trying out the exersaucer... he loves it! On Saturday, I took Natalie and Blake to the our town's Children's Festival. This was actually the 60th year they've done it! Wow. Brian had some schoolwork to do so he stayed home with Evan. The kids loved it, even though it was a super hot day! This clown made them balloon animals. Natalie got a horse and Blake got a little dog. You bought tickets and then went around to the different booths and activities. Some things were a little above them but they were able to do most of it. It was a fun day. I love Blake's expression while getting his tattoo. :) Marble in paint... you were supposed to push it around with the popsicle stick. I guess it reminded Blake of a real popsicle because he tried to lick the stick! Yuck! Ring toss. Blake just walked up and stuck them on. :) Smashing dried pasta. The last stop... ice cream cones!

Happy Summer! :)

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