Friday, June 12, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Natalie and Blake

Quote Time!
From Natalie:
"Let me help you Blake, I'm a genius."
"What's the big idea, Mom??"
Coming out of her room after being put to bed, she called down the stairs: "Guys, this is crazy. I don't know how to sleep tonight. I just keep moving and moving!"
Going to a yard sale when I told her she could pick one toy to buy: "But I have two hands, can't I get two toys?"
When new neighbors were moving in: "Do you think they need tools? Maybe Handy Manny can help."
"So Mom, how was your sleep last night?"... "That's good" ... "How was Daddy's? Did he snore?"
"Evan had a bless you... so I blessed him."
He's talking more and more, putting two words together often.
He says "Hup pease" (help please) and "Me hup" (me help) all the time. "By you" when he wants to sit by you on the couch. He says "Luh you" (luh you) and can say all our names (Nah-nee and Eh-den) and all the names of his friends from Life Group. In the car, Natalie tries to get him to talk and makes him repeat words. It's cute.
He says "yeah" for pretty much any question you ask him but it's more like the German "jah"
One day, we were looking at a kid's Bible and and he saw Jesus on the cross. He pointed to the cloth covering and said "bi-per (diaper)... baby!"
In other news, Blake's very interested in potty training and doing really well with it. I'm ready to have only one in diapers! And Evan has had a couple nights this week that he slept 10 hours straight. Woo hoo! :)
Have a good weekend everyone!

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kath said...

AWESOME UPDATE. I miss you guys so much.