Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quote Time!

Here's a sampling of the latest quotables from our kiddos and a few extra pictures:

Blake: "Is that a step on your shoe, Mom?" (I was wearing high heeled sandals.) Natalie: "I'm going to be a school teacher and a church teacher and a ballerina teacher when I grow up."

Blake: "I'm going to a pirate... and a dad... and an Army man."
Blake: "Hola Kelly, I need a box of nails and some wood."
Natalie: "Sure Handy Manny! Brian: "Why are you taking your stuffed animals outside?"

Natalie: "We need more kids for our pretend CDC."

Blake: "I can't find my my shoes anywhere!"

Brian: "Maybe they walked away."

Blake: "Dad, they don't have feet!"

Natalie: (praying at night)-"I like my bed but I think I'll really like it when I get up there to You." Followed by a conversation about whether there would be donuts and stores in heaven. And then she said she'd see a lot of old people there because you "don't die until you're old. It'll be a long time until I die but not that long for you and Daddy!"

Natalie: (watching a commercial for Crayola Glowing Sand) "Mom, can we please get that? It says it's easy to clean up!"

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Jennifer said...

Jen, your blog is so cute. Those kids of yours are darling. You sure look like you are having lots of fun with them.