Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Markers and Picnics

All three came up from the basement one day... Natalie said, "Doesn't he look like a cool dude?" Check out the video for a full look at the damage!

Picnic and playdate at the park with some MOPS moms. We were welcomed to the Unit at a Hail and Farewell last week. Got this pretty rose. We've been having some beautiful weather lately... don't have our patio stuff out yet but that hasn't stopped us from having picnic lunches outside!

Look who fell asleep during a few minutes of "tummy time"

So hot out one day... we had to find some shade... ...still yummy though! We had a family movie night... Cars+pizza+popcorn. :) Adam had a BBQ at his house... a lot of fun except that it had been 75 the day before and actually snowed and hailed that afternoon!! Ashley playing Zingo with Natalie. The four guys were playing a serious game of Risk.

It was both Matt and Siobhan's birthdays that week.

Adam let the kids play with his guitar, they loved it!
Brian is off for the next two weeks... we can't wait!!

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