Sunday, March 14, 2010

Soccer and Grandma

Natalie did Soccer Shots-- an intro to soccer for preschool-aged kids. She had a lot of fun with it although I think she had more natural talent for gymnastics. We'll see! :) Her coach was great-- learned all their names the first week!

After the last week, we went out to Pizza Hut with our neighbors, who's son Nathan was in the class too. Lots of fun! Grandma G was visiting us and got to see Natalie play too.

"I want to play in the snow too!"
Still no walking... but lots of standing and cruising!

Going on a "car trip" on the couch. Look how much they packed.

Being the Mommy... am I on the phone all the time? :)

My Mom came for two short weekends (with a visit to my sister in Indiana in between). Always great to have her here!

She let us sleep in and got up with the kids... Thanks! When I came down, they'd traced Natalie's body and had paper taped to to the wall measuring everyone's height. Fun memories with Grandma! :)

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sister said...

are those front teeth I see in natalies mouth!?