Friday, September 18, 2009

Quotes and Pics

Evan's first time in a swing... ... he loved it!

Picnic and feeding the ducks with friends.
Brian's masterpiece: Corn Hole! Didn't he do a good job? This set was for his parents... he's finishing painting our set. Way to go honey! You're so talented.
Scooching backwards under the couch... he can move himself where he wants to go but no real crawling yet.
Natalie and Blake have loved having new kids to play with... everyday it's "Can we please go play with the neighbors?" They worked on making houses out of these boxes for many days in a row.

Natalie helping give Daddy his haircut.
She'll be taking over my job pretty soon!
The latest quotes:
Me:"Do you know what fireworks are?"
Natalie: "They're kinda like really pretty stars"
As we put out a blanket on the field to watch fireworks (yeah, these are old!), Blake said, "Eat?" He's always ready for a picnic. :)
"Blake, you can play with the mint truck." (cement)
When we bought a half gallon of milk instead of the usual gallons, Natalie said, "Oh, that's so cute!"
"Can I put some of that dirt on me too?" (my face powder)
Blake is talking full sentences, it's amazing, although I don't really have any funny ones from him yet. He does say "Nahnee" and "Eh-vy" for his siblings and copies everything Natalie says.

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