Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grange Fair

I know it's been while since I posted... our days and nights have been pretty busy lately. A couple weeks back we went to the Grange Fair. Actually, Brian and Natalie went with his family over the weekend but both boys weren't feeling well so I stayed home with them and we all went as a family later that week. Very fun. They have tons of booths with "fair food"

Lots of animals too see.

Cows getting washed.

The main reason we went was to watch the Tractor Pull-- different tractors would hook up to a 32,000 pound sled and see who could pull it the length of the track in the fastest time. Quite interesting... we're defnitely in PA! :)

The front end of the tractor would tip up like in the movie "Cars" and they were so loud. The kids loved it. :)
Natalie had already gone on a bunch of rides with Grandma and Bethany so we didn't really do any this time. The fair is huge though... you could spend days there!
I love fun times a family! :)

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