Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Rest of Grandma's House

Most of these pics won't need comments... but I'm trying to get caught up so here they are: My brother Dave flew in from Florida the weekend I was in Texas and because of delayed flights, we didn't even get to see each other at all. The kids had a blast with him though! Thanks bud, hopefully I'll get to see you soon!

Kath and I went out for Mexican. Love you sis!

Grandma and her grandkids :)

Blake turned 2 while we were there. We were planning to have a party with Daddy so we just had a little celebration. Does Evan want a cupcake? :)
"I'm TWO!"
Opening some gifts.
Beautiful book about Endangered Species from Aunt Jocelyn. He loves it and so does Natalie. Thank you! :)
More to come of the past couple weeks with Brian home...

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