Friday, August 21, 2009

Blake and Brian's Birthdays

Brian was gone for the whole month of July at an Army ROTC camp near Seattle. I won't even pretend that 30 days is anything compared to year long deployments...but since Daddy's been home so much this past year, it felt long to us! We didn't have any communication until a couple days before he came home so I think that's what made it harder. But we stayed busy, and Brian was busy (and did really well!) and we were ALL happy to see each other when he got home!

Brian's birthday is August 6th and since we were going to be at his parent's house over it, we just had a small little party to celebrate their birthdays as a family. Since I knew were were going to be having cake at the Yoder's, I made a pudding dessert in special dishes with candles. The kids loved having such a big bowl! (They of course didn't finish it all, although Blake almost did!)

Time for more presents! Yay!

This was from the Yoders... he was so into ripping open the paper, he threw the box on the floor and grabbed the next gift! We had to make him go back and open the box--he didn't even think there was anything in there!
Thanks for the clothes and the airplanes! :)
Daddy's turn!

Brian is taking a German class this semester so I got him a little primer in preparation. :)
Blake got fun bouncy balloons that the kids are loving!
Blake is turning into a big boy now. He recently moved into a toddler bed--he and Evan share the "boys room" together now. He gave up pacifiers (that he only used in bed anyway) and is on his way to being potty trained. He's talking a lot now... our running commentary of anything and everything that's going on. He loves practicing his new words. We love you Blake and are so glad you've been part of our life for 2 whole years now!
Up next: Reunion at the Yoders with the Petersens!

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