Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend

Thursday night, Bill and Bethany came to pick up all three kids for a few days. We had to go to Brian's Army Dining Out and the offered to watch them for us. Here they are loaded up in the back of our car ready to go. They were so excited to go to Grandma and Grandpa's!
Brian and I had a great time... we went to our Life Group, out to a movie (can't do that very easily with kids!), slept ALL night long, slept in, and then went to Brian's Dining Out Friday night. It was wonderful to just be together.... Thank you guys! We REALLY appreciated it. It's so nice being close to family... and I guess this is one advantage of not being able to nurse! :) At the ball. It was fun to meet Brian's friends. As always, I was proud to be his Army wife. Saturday morning, we drove down to reclaim our children. We love them but it was fun to be without them for a little bit. :) The kids went on an Easter Egg Hunt in the yard.

Eating some of the loot-Blake was so excited once he figured out there was chocolate in the eggs! Thanks for all your hard work Bethany.
Love you babe!
Later, we colored eggs.
Making deep dish pizzas for dinner.We celebrated Grandpa's birthday.
Somehow forgot to take pics of their Easter Baskets... but they loved them. We went to church, had a great meal together, and then we headed to DC that afternoon.
Guess Evan's not very good at pictures yet.
LOVE this one though!! :)

One more batch of pics left... check back soon! :)

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Vicki & Bruce said...

Always love looking at your blog since I've known the Yoders for many years now! It blesses me to see how much you love being a wife & Mom! No greater "job"!