Thursday, April 30, 2009

Birthdays, Balls, and the Blue&White Game

I don't know if it's having three kids, or being involved in more activities or what, but the time for blogging is hard to find these days... here's the last couple weeks in pictures: Evan will be three months next week. He's talking and cooing and so cute. He's getting so big that he's down to only one feeding at night so I'm excited about that! My Mom's Birthday was April 22 and since she's alone during the weeks, she came to visit us to celebrate. We went to Panera for a birthday lunch.

Had a special dinner... Natalie said we had to have balloons. :)

I made a Mocha Cheesecake...complete with trick sparklers.
Love you Mom! So glad you could be with us! :)

"Ahhh-oooo" --Evan's favorite word :)
We went to a kid's fun place in Altoona with some friends. It had tubes and climbing things and ball pits... Natalie was all over the place but Blake pretty much stuck with the balls. Looking at Natalie above us.

Natalie is into spelling words these days. She asks how to spell it and then finds the letters. Unfortunately, we only have one letter of each so there's many words she can't do... guess we need to get a few more letters.
Dr. Daddy
Out on a walk... we definitely live in the middle of a construction site with all the new houses going up around us. The kids love it!
Our big boy!Penn State has a Blue and White game every spring with free admission. Brian's family came down and went with Brian and Natalie.
She lasted about 5 minutes and then colored the rest. :)
We grilled hamburgers for dinner when they got home.
Building a house with Aunt Bethany
My 29th birthday was on April 27th. We made cupcakes during the day and then went on a picnic at Black Moshannon State Park. It was a beautiful evening with my family. :)
Before someone asks... the how-to: melt any kind of choc. chips (these are PB) in a small baggie in the microwave. Snip a tiny piece off one corner and make letters or designs on wax paper (can draw it on paper and stick it underneath to trace). Let them set up in fridge for a few minutes. Oh yeah, it helps if you make a little "tail" on your letters so you have something to stick into the cupcake. Have fun! :) It was so pretty. Thanks honey for making me feel special!

Brian planned it all and grilled chicken with baked beans, chips and fruit. Blake ate three platefuls of the beans!!
Happy Birthday to me!
(Another cupcake trick I just learned: pack them in the little containers that strawberries come in.. it worked great!)
Hope all is well... and hopefully it won't be so long til next time! :)

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