Monday, September 8, 2008


Over Labor Day, we went camping with the Yoders at Camp Blue Diamond. Brian grew up going to this camp often so he has tons of memories there. I'd been there once before too--the summer before we got married we camped with his family there. It's less than an hour from us now so we're excited to get to go more often. All set up the first night. Brian's dad set up an amazing camper in his trailer, half of it is a kitchen and then it has a bedroom on the other half. Pretty cool! Cooking sausages over the fire.

Bethanys' 17th Birthday. Her "cake" was made of donuts. :)
Her new sleeping bag.
Penn State shirt from us.

The start of the cheese balls...
Yummy... and Messy!!

Volleyball down at the beach.
Natalie's used to crystal clear water in Hawaii... she said, "Mommy, this beach is yucky!"

Brian carried Bethany out to dunk in the water and Natalie was really worried about her!

Canoe ride! Bethany took Natalie and Brian and I took Blake. Fun!
It doesn't look like it but this was a VERY cold morning!!

Breakfast time.

Grandma and Blakey Boy
After lots of just bumping, Brian and Bethany finally got to play a real volleyball game. :)

Ready for a HUGE fire our last night.Breaking camp-you can see the bed in camper. They even had lights and a window in the door. :)

Our stuff is coming at the end of this week and we're all super excited about that. We've realized that you really can live on very little... although there is something to be said about sleeping in your own bed! :) Here's the kids entertaining themselves in our empty house.
Natalie just told me to tell everyone, "I love you!"


chelly said...

What fun! I hope we all get to go next summer! :-)

Oscar Schneegans said...

Wow! Natalie sure has gotten big! Aimee and the kids send their love.

Vicki & Bruce said...

YEA! Camp Blue Diamond! LOTS AND LOTS of GREAT MEMORIES! What a unique camper! Leave it to Bill! He is very creative! Glad you're enjoying PA!

Enos said...

From Enos and MaryJane congratulations on the coming addittion to family. Pictures of Camp Blue Diamond brought back a lot of memories.