Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adventures with Grandma!

The kids and I went to New Jersey for a couple days so I could pick up our van in Baltimore. Then my mom came back with us to help us receive our household goods and unpack. She was a total lifesaver and I don't think we could have done it without her help. Thanks so much mom! :) Feeding the ducks again--Natalie's favorite thing to do!

Yummy ice cream.
My dad drove me to Baltimore on his way to a meeting in DC and I drove the van back home. Grandma stayed with the kids and made them this cool fort in the dining room.

Going on a ride with Grandpa!
The kids didn't know what to play with first! They were so excited! :)
I love this picture of them!

Juice break
One thing I love about moving and traveling is the sunrises and sunsets in different places. PA definitely has given us some pretty ones already. This was off our front porch.

Another fort by Grandma
We found this German outfit while unpacking... my mom bought it for her when she was just a few months old... it fits now!
So excited to have all their toys!
Making brownies--yummy.
She got to lick the bowl. So fun to make a mess! :)

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michelly said...

YAY! PICS! I check your blog like everyday! :) Thanks for the comment on our blog. We're doing well. Just counting down the days! It's coming fast and I still have lots to get done before he gets home! :) You guys all look great! Looking forward to seeing everyone sometime soon!