Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sleepovers and Surgery

Sleepovers: We watched Carter and Katie on Friday night so Jason and Jess could go camping. It was a full house with 4 kids aged 2 and under (all 4 kids in diapers!) but we had fun. :)

It's a long story but then we all ended up spending the night at their house Sunday night before Bri's surgery on Monday. They watched our kids all day for us while we were at the hospital. Thanks guys, we really appreciate it! We're looking forward to Bellows so we can actually hang out with you instead of just swapping kids. :)

Partners in crime: Carter and Natalie

At the playground Pancake time!
Blake drooling (literally) over Katie :)
Yes, they did watch a video... they got the chairs out though!

Before bedtime with our kids.

Hard to get everyone looking good... Surgery: We went in early Monday morning to get Brian's tonsils out (they also cut out his "hangy-downy thing"). He did great but they made him stay the night just as a precaution. I came home for the night with the kids and then went back and got him in the morning. He actually was in Progressive Care (a step down from ICU but not on the regular floor) so he was hooked up a bazillion monitors and tubes. (Forgot the camera the first day and he was already unhooked by the time I took the picture.)
We made him a special bed on the couch. He's drinking lots of liquids and cold things like pudding and popsicles and ice cream... Natalie's loving his new diet as she gets to have some samples! :)Yep, Blake is standing! He is pulling up on everything... even if only for a little while before he loses his balance.
Making a road with lids. Enjoying playing with all the extra pudding we have around here. Keep praying for him--he's still in quite a bit of pain. Hopefully the next few days will be better. We appreciate all your prayers and emails. Thank you!


Linda said...

It stinks to have your tonsils and hangy-down thingy (it's called a uvula, by the way) removed as an adult. I had mine removed at 22, and I STILL hated was awful. So, quick recovery for Bri...he's probably gonna lose a few pounds. But hey, he might not snore so much! (if he did at all!)

Becky Holliday said...

I didn't know removing the hangy-down thing was an option. That sounds awful! :( I pray you get better really soon.

Becky Holliday

Katherine said...

Natalie looks like she had so much fun with Carter. And blakey is Standing! That's crazy talk. Tell brian that I love him and I'm praying for him. That sucks. I love you guys!!!

Vicki & Bruce said...

Poor Brian! If he was as sick as Michelle was when she had her tonsils out at 18, then he needs triple prayers! Love your pictures! Love when women love being Moms! It is the MOST rewarding & fulfilling occupation I have ever chosen! Hope to see you soon in PA!