Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last days in PA! is never dull with us!! For a variety of reasons, we packed everything up, sent it off to storage and moved down to KY to be near Brian during his training the next few months. We're staying in a rented furnished house about 20 minutes away and get to see him for dinner most nights and he gets to stay here with us most weekends. It's great to be all together again, even if everything is still a little in limbo. We're making the most of our time here but looking forward to getting all the way settled once we're in Colorado. Here's a recap of the past month or so. Our church does a sports camp each summer instead of VBS. Natalie loved that she was old enough to go and Blake loved that his Sunday School teacher was her teacher! :)
Brian came home for 4th of July to help us get ready to move. We got a lot done but also got to have a great picnic with our friends.

We had a great view of the fireworks near Beaver Stadium... they say Penn State's show is one of the Top 3 in the country--over 45 minutes long!

Spent lots of days at the pool with friends... went to Delgrossos Amusement Park with Jake and Cindy.
Train ride

Evan was big enough to go on the rides this year... he liked most but not this spin-y one... I don't blame him, I don't like spin-y ones either!!

Funnel Cake... so sad I won't be there to meet Cindy's baby girl!

MOPS "Mocktail" party... and last night with all of them... I miss you wonderful ladies! Thanks for the awesome cookbook... I love it! :)

Packing out! One great thing about all the moves with the military...they pack it up for you!!

Goodbye House!
On our way down to KY, I stopped off at Cedarville where I went to college... hadn't been back since. Hard to believe it was 12 years ago this month that I first set foot on campus! This was the Cowfarm that 5 of us rented our senior year. Pretty much the same...but no porch swing and probably no blue light special!! :)

We had grapes looking at Cedar Lake-- I took a bunch of pictures and we went in the DMC to use the bathroom. I was kinda glad it was summer... we were definitely in our travel clothes and looking pretty scrubby so I was glad I didn't see anyone I know! :)

On our way to KY!!


Our European adventure... said...

I love to see all your adventures! Maybe one day we will be in the same place again. Congrats on the new addition. It was so funny because I really wanted to ask when you were going to have another just happen to be pregnant at every move! I should have betted money on it!

katherine said...

i love that picture of evan on the spinny thing. he is very uncomfortable!! haha I love them