Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We love you Daddy!

So it's actually been two months to the day since I last posted but let me tell you all the reasons. (I planned to do it in pictures but we've had some computer trouble the last several weeks so I couldn't access any pics and well, now it frankly would just take too much time!)

SO here's what we've been up to: Brian finished up classes, graduated from Penn State, was commissioned as a 2LT, had lots of parties surrounding that, he and I went on a great 3 night trip to DC (sans kids-thanks Dad, Mom and Kath), we went on a lot of picnics and day trips as a family, Brian packed up everything and left for KY for his Armor training for the next lot of months and we're still here hanging out in PA.

See, we've been just a little busy! :)

And now, pictures for Daddy of the last couple weeks--with captions 100% from Natalie!
I am being silly.
I like to put my eyeballs up.
I like to say "I love you"

Blake is riding a pony.
We are feeding the birds at the zoo.
(Me here: we went to NJ to see my family and went to a great zoo for kids one day.)

That's me!

Blake is feeding the birds.

Blake smiling on the train.

Evy is on the chair at the beach. We went with Natalie and Blake and Grandma and Mommy. I like the water when we were standing close to the waves with Grandma.

This is Father's Day cake with Grandpa. And Happy Father's Day to you too Daddy!

Blakey is in his bathing suit playing at the pool at Grandma's and he likes to play in the water. That's all.

Blakey likes crackers and he's sitting on Mommy's lap.

Natalie is outside by the pool. That's all.

This is when we were eating on the back patio. I don't know... if you want to say something else Mom, you can.

(Me: We made Turkish food for dinner one night and I thought this pic turned out really pretty looking so I had to put in on. It was good! :)

Evy doesn't have his bathing suit on or even a daiper. That's so silly and you would laugh at it if you saw it!
I love you Daddy. I miss you and I'll see you in a couple weeks. That's all.


Laura said...

Fun pictures, I love the captions by Natalie. Love you all!

Our European adventure... said...

Great to see you guys again! Love the pictures as always.