Thursday, April 22, 2010

City Serve

Every spring, our church cancels all it's services for the weekend and encourages everyone to go out and "be the church" by volunteering to help in a variety of service projects around the community. Our LifeGroup chose to mulch (well, wood chip) a playground for a church's dayschool. It was a lot of fun and great to get the kids involved in serving too. Loading up the wheelbarrows...
...and dumping them out...

... for the kids to help spread. The kids had little shovels and rakes and did a great job!

Except for the fact that it was freezing out!
We went in the building for a little bit to warm up and have a snack. I felt like I was teaching pre-school again. :)
Melinda and Alayna

Natalie especially impressed us... she worked hard!

The pile's almost gone!

Way to Go everyone... it looks great. I know it will be a blessing to the church and the school.

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