Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun with Friends

We've been part of a Life Group through our church for several months now. There are 5 great couples and we all have little kids. We meet on Thursday nights and the kids are watched down in the basement while the adults meet upstairs. We just finished going through a parenting book and these pictures are of a potluck dinner we had together a couple weeks back. It's so wonderful to have great Christian friends to fellowship with!

After he was commissioned, Brian got to be his friend, Alex's "first salute". Alex is from Perry County where Brian grew up so it's been neat to get to know him and his fiance.
Brian made a toybox for our living room so the toys aren't always exploding all over.

It turned out really well! Way to go my Handy Manny!

Enjoying some chicken!

Some outdoor fun:
I traced the kids with chalk...
"I'm trying erase Blake but he won't stay still!"
Love this picture
We had our friends Brent and Stacey over for dinner. They are in the Army too, doing a similar program here at Penn State. It's been great to find some friends that understand the military life. They have four girls: 6, 2, and twin 9 month olds so they're busy like us. :)
Chasing eachother around the house. :)

On Thursday mornings, a group of ladies from church meet at different parks in the areas. It's been a neat way to meet more people and to learn about different places to play. And of course the kids love it! :)
Blake loved this toy and drove it all over the place!
Picnic lunch
As usual, Evan slept through most of it.
Some of the mommies- in the middle is Melinda who has become a great friend-we actually meet at her house for Life Group.
Brian was doing some work in the garage and Natalie was playing in the water... with our beach toys... no beach here! :(

Pictures of Memorial Day Weekend coming soon!

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