Thursday, November 6, 2008

A mouse, a scarecrow, squirrels, donuts, pumpkins and swings!

We went Trick or Treating at an assisted living home with our MOPS group. It was a lot of fun for both the kids and the residents. Natalie was a mouse this year and Blake was a scarecrow although most people thought he was Robin Hood. He wouldn't keep his hat on at all! Oh well.
Blake is very friendly and walked around smiling and trying to talk to everyone who looked his way.
Making sure Blake was getting some for his bucket too. :)
Although I think he'd rather play checkers.
OUR TRICK OR TREATING:We went around our neighborhood too.
I love this picture. :)

Blake still wouldn't keep his hat on, but at least he kept the little hood thing on to keep him warm. It was a cold night!
Brian's favorite part... raiding the buckets after the kids were in bed!
Helping herself to a snack... probably looking for the candy!

"Who me? I didn't do it!"
Making donuts with Grandpa

Rolling them in cinnamon or powdered sugar.
We had dinner with neighbors Ed and Ginny that night.
When she went to bed, we could hear her singing to her Lamby. When I went in later, she was sleeping with him around her neck still.
Bill got one right out front before they even started out and brought it in and skinned it. Natalie thought it was so cool. The pictures are kind of graphic though so I'll spare you. Both Blake and Natalie loved the fried squirrel at dinner... I wasn't so brave to try it... maybe one day. :)
Grandma and Natalie
Being Silly
Natalie and Bethany

For those of you asking for belly pictures... here's some. Can't believe I'm 6 months already. Our little guy is going to be here before we know it!!

Brian read somewhere about cutting out a hole from the bottom to be easier to get the seeds out and also you can just place it over the candle instead of reaching in. It worked pretty well plus there's no cut marks on the top of the pumpkin.
I made a traditional one and Brian made a PSU one.
Go Nittany Lions! :)

They are almost finished with this little playground by our house so went to check it out. They still need to put the rubber chips down but other than that, we're happy to have one close by!

Blake's used to "baby swings" but I set him on this anyway... he wasn't too sure about and then Natalie, being the big sister she is, gave him a push... and he fell right off and was definitely not happy with this swing!

I know that was a lot of pics... I'm caught up now. :) Til next time...


katherine said...

GOOD! I was about to comment and get mad at you not putting the trick or treat pictures up yet!
I LOVE YOU! Miss you so much

Randy & Laura said...

That is a great idea to trick or treat at a retirement home. Cute outfits for the kids! Nice pregnant pics, you definitely have that pretty pregnant glow :) see you soon!

Jennifer Crigler said...

Hey - Glad to see everything is going so well for you. Natalie and Blake are so cute!! It is crazy to compare Blake to my niece (since they were born on the same day) -Blake seems so much older... Love your pregnancy pics, you look adorable. Hope all is well!

Tami said...

SUCH cute pictures! And I love that pumpkin carving idea! I'll have to keep that in mind. :o)

kath said...

OK update please. it's been a very long time!