Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

We've been trying to take Valentine's pics for two days now... and we never got good ones and I still didn't get them out on the actual day... oh well. Here they are. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We had a relaxing dinner at home last night. It was wonderful. Love you so much babe! :)


The Stallings Family said...

I don't know how many pictures I took yesturday. I still couldn't get them to cooperate together. Brayden use to pose for me, but lately he has been a little booger too. I totally understand. I am right there with you! :) Hope you had a wonderful day! Mallory got a heart-shaped balloon and she hasn't let go of it since. She carries it around with her everywhere. Love the pictures.

Katherine said...

Aww look at little blakey! He does not look to happy to have those ears on him. I love Natalie's face too. She looks so concerned and yet annoyed. I miss them so much. I miss you so much. but I miss the babies more.

Katherine said...

look at all those teeth!!!